The prospect of building a kitchen extension is daunting, isn’t it? You almost can’t help but picture plaster stains, scraps of wood, and plastic concrete buckets cluttering the lawn.

But in our experience as extension builders in Sunbury, we know that this is more nightmare than reality. We understand and appreciate the craft of construction and we’re passionate about every variety of extension: from brick-built to timber-frame, through to conservatories and two-storey extensions.

Why choose us?

Of all the extension builders in Sunbury, we are some of the most experienced and detail-oriented. We aren’t the type to come in, throw up the tarps, and lob paint everywhere.

We like to examine the home we’re working on and plan the extension accordingly. How will it fit with the overall flow and symmetry of the kitchen and garden? Would a uPVC or wooden door provide the better fit? Look at our featured photos and see for yourself: do any of them actually look like add-ons? Or do they look like they were there from when the blueprints of the home were first drafted?

This is why we are the only extension builder in Sunbury you ought to consider. Extensions can prove expensive, but in terms of added value to your home, they are an excellent medium-to-long-term investment. But this is only when they either harmonise or complement the property. Estate agents will judge the ‘complete package’ rather than separate elements, meaning a £20-30,000 extension would not ‘add’ to the value of your home, but rather multiply it.


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We believe that cowboys belong in the Wild West. And as for throwing paint everywhere – we’ll leave that to Jackson Pollock. So, for the best extension builder in Sunbury, call now at 01932 787874, or email